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I am under the impression we are living in the total curious times. War, a nuclear weapon, the Berlin Wall, blessed John Paul the Pope, a super jet, which was a bomb of fails. And...a man who was elected by cardinals to be the Pope and...due to health reason, as he says, he resigns. It is difficult for me to make a mark to him in one way. Of course, I thank him for many nice words, many spiritual help and I should be sad due to this, but...I am happy due to his honour. He says He is not able to lead it due to bad health condition. I know what means bad health conditiond and I can imagine how it could be difficult to make such great things as he wanted to do. Only a pity what he will not sign John Paul the 2nd to the list of the Saints of Church. He doesn't want to make a show about his illness and it is also great, I think. But, personally he is one of the greatest church leaders as I had got happiness to know. I agree with the words of the State Secretarian, Mons. Angelo Sodano, that there is like a lightining from the Heavens. Finally, the least abdication of the Pope was in the meaddle ages.  

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