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I wanna to write something about finished Olympic Games in London. Firstly, I think it is general triumph of a piece under a terrorism, which seruiously is set in the history of this city. Fortunately, nothing has happened in London during Games. I have got many diferent feels about that Games. Of course, I am thinking why my countrysiders whad won so little medals. I think it is a serie of many mistakes, beginning on those made by trainers finishing on those responsible for sport financing in our state. I am under a great impression of festivality of ceremonies of the opening and closing. But this events showed great domination of 2 the most power sport teams of the world. I am under a heavy shock when I was watching Chinese records and US results. And...that great race of was something great! I sm sble to see some serious and disturbing mistakes of referees. I think weaker resulsts of our state fighters are also a result of badly done school system reform. I think about degradation of value of the phisical culture lessons and a reduction of time of them. I think many persons leaves their kids from these lessons, showing total unresponsibility. I think...What is else to be done???? I think also a general military service for all able  and fit man should be held in all NATO states. It is not because of security reasons, but just for a fitness and disciplinate of young people. I think also computers, especially computer gaming made all those bad job, because youngsters are able to sit with them for hours, besides of running on the stadiums of youth clubs. Finally, I think about aothorities, which send money f. e. for a new car for the security besides of sending those cash for a sport resosrts and sport equipment, sport doctors and sport centres, engaging the best of trainers, disposing of the best equipment and finally, leaving out the best fighters. That about Olympic Games. We are facing up with the next sport festival, the Paralympic Games. There is one very nice aspect of this event. All of those people taking part in this competitiion as a fighters, are disabled. I think all it shows a power of an integration, a power and sense of being a human. I think that trophies, which will be won by paralympic are that some priced and maybe more, than those won by dompetitor during a normal games.. I think this festival is a great thing also because of one thing. Every disabled person must be able to fight agains his/her own weaknesses, mental locks and mus be able to think "What's the hell, I can also make that succes". It is also nice because of an interpersonal motivation directed onto better know ownself and braver facing up with pain, difficulties of therapeutic processes, fails and successes. Very important thing is to have some kind of an interpersonal satisfaction: "What's the hell! I have won this medal. I am able to do a real great things despite of fact I am disabled person!. I am finally 100% value person, competitor and I can show the other how to combate their weaknesses!".

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