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I am totally dissapointed in our society. I think the elder generation is one of the most important thing as we cans ee in the world. The youngsters, I can see, are more and more bad-behaved. They do not admire an elder. They have not respect for parents, grandparents and generally elder people. I think it is because of spending less time with them due to burst up of the capitalism ,which means you are in home only a few hours a weak with your closed relatives. That deficite of co-living with a family causes next bad thinks. A family is to not let the other to feel alone, live alnoe. I thonk feeling lonely spread out also of the faith crisis. The world generally had forgot what is in fact the most important thing in live. Of course, money...they are important, but not the most. The most important is to not lose our own sense of responsibility for an overall civilisation. The youngsters are to ligly upprised. There are an examples of non rules house. Parents have not time for the youth what effents with losing control on that what is happening with them. Sometimes, there is bad happening. It is painful, but a truth, that in many case we get awake just after the police officer came in our house and said us about our child opportunity to start being a criminal. We are not able to succeed our child any good value, as patriotism, faithfulness, ethic normes. It is because of a little part of time which we can devote them, as we come back to the home after heavy day in a job, from 8 am to 5-6 pm often. I see it a very painful when this generation do not sacrify themselves. I wish there were so brave teenagers asn f. e. Rutka from Poland,. a 14-years old girl who has been killed by German during Warsaw Upprising in 1944. I wish they were so brave, so heroic. But, what is sad, I know there is no so brave girls, so brave boys, who could be able to pull up with a play, school and friends to fight against an enemy in this time. There is one consolation, that we have got some like the World Youth Day, when there is a congregation of the faithful youngsters with the Pope in order to think, pray and meditate on their own live. It is hopeful. Another thing is that there is a completely bad communication between parents and their chldren. This case causes so bad things as drugs addiction, unwanted pregnancies, to early sex, sometimes causes by a rapist, which always involves on the mental side of every young girl, making her dissapointed of all this cruel life. I think about health trouble. All those computer sitting youth people will have got trouble with spine, heart, eyes. The consolation is a dentists have got less painful technology. Youngster forget about history, tradition. They clearly get into laugh when somebody is trying them to remember about history and some part of deeply rooted tradition. I am very sad because of this. No religion...simply...very sad future. Only fury, a violence, and cruel! That same is about footbal fans. I feel fury about those people, who are going to the footbal in order to not support their teams, but to provocate battles on the tribunes. It is furring that we can not have got safe days, when there is a match in my city. One I saw a huge unit of police in my city, which were trying to calm down footbal hooligans. It is frightening that in my state there is a couple of teams, which fans are seen in BBC in one, specific programm, describing a list of the most cruel worldwide gangs. I nearly crashed TV when I had seen gangs of fans of...Wisła Kraków and Cracovia Kraków(top placed teams in Poland) I also saw counter terrorists and riot police. That least I have seen in action in the Palm Sunday 5 years ago, The counter terrorists were seen by me, keeping guard in our railway station recently when there was a match between Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała and Śląsk Wrocław. I felt myself totally broken down. If a group of footbal fans must be guarded by S.W.A.T, what about real gangsters and bandids with machine guns, grenades and sophisticated method of blackmail, thrilling? An army????Please try to answer this question.

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Posted on 05:58PM on Dec 14th, 2013
you bring up many valid points, and altho i can give you no answer.. we must remember that city back in biblical times where they did "every evil thing imaginable"... now i'm not a doom and gloom person.. but it makes me think. also... as far as the children are concerned.. i raise my son very differently than most as he is happy, disciplined, mannerly and polite. thoughtful of others.. he's only 5 but well on his way to becoming a decent, and Godly man.. which is my intent. I am not the only one. there are those around who see the problems and are beginning to realize that the way the kids are being brought up is wrong. The way i see it... i will not change the world.. but i will try to give my son the tools to change it when he is older.
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