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I think we must know better our history. We must know something about our civilisation. I am undeer a great bad impression as the world is able to forget some important thinks, things and events, which spread out of the history. I think politics is making dirtier and dirtier, despite of fact of necessity of making conclusions from the historic mistakes, historic tragedies. It is nice we have got such organisation, which are held to keep pace in the world. We must do all to feel ourselves safe, sure and strong in the future. We have got a plenty of dangers, including spiritual dangers and verbal dangers. For sure, one of this dangers is a terrorism, religious separation, economic differences. It seems technology causes great progress of the civilisation. It is true, but, what is worring, this same technology, who helps us to learn, solve the most important troubles of the world, as spreading out of ilness, is able to make some troubles. It is fact, that the most modern cars, computers, and the other devices, are also more refusable, than these from the 10 years before today times. It is because of financial crisis, which forces us to use cheaper and less durable materials to manufacture this items. Another danger spread also out of the civilisation. This technical events are often use by destructors. terrorists, and the other criminals. Of course, it is very comfortable, especially for the disabled, to have an access to the bank account, but we have not sure if there will be no hacks into this in order to steal our money in the electronic way. Also a vision of the war has changed definitely. In the history, it was in the most a battle of armies, counted in 1000000 people, who were able to kill only one enemy in the one secound. It was also rarely accidents that there was innocent civilians' suffering. In the modern war, there is bigger possibility of the death of innocent civilians, that fully armoured, well trained troops, who are often hidden in a heavy armed tank, armoured ships, especially nuclear underwater boats. The kind of nuclear war is one of these the wors weapons. I think the world experienced badly all the war, especially II World War, when there were a concentration camps, a partition of the word on the capitalistic and socialistic world, finally an exhodus of Hiroshima, Nagassaki via nuclear weapon. It as also a show of mistollerance. I am also frigtened when I see Teutonics, who were so brave that they were able to kill in the name of the God. It is a kind of auto counterthinking. When I believe in the God, I respect a decalogue. One of parts of this says to not kill. Only the God can give and back our life, no people. Parents have got less time for children. Of course, they must earn money, because of highing of prices of complementary goods, but sometimes it provides to the crisis in familiar connections, what is able to provide youngsters into the bad way of criminal live, breaking up the school, throughing out the complementary values. It is a time of losing of authority. A new generation stops hear to the church, and any kind of religious. Next, they do not find a consolation. It is providing them to the depression, which is powered by "race of the rats", which tells them to be better and better, not seeing of the health, family, faith, and the other valueable things. I think every generation is going to be worse and worse situated. Only one consolation is the medical technology is horrible developed. There is a treatment less painful, but...sometimes it is more expensive. The youth did not respect the history. They are not able to admire any authorities, althought they try to keep their homelands in the state of the independence. They do not know what is a really important in live. I have got a friend, who shows herself nearby the most expensive cars in the Monaco, but in fact, she is a nurse in the hospital, which seems to be ashaming her, unfortunately. She is a nurse because of her sister disability(I think it is a real vocation), but she do not see any value of this in public. Besides of showing a photo in the front of her hospital(oncology), she shows herself nearby Maserati Gran Turismo, exposed nearby the most expensive hotel in Gran Monaco. I think now is a complete devaluation of the family, history, a religion and the God. What is painful, talking about this interests is more and more ofensive, besides of being a part of normal, everyday discussion between the closest friend. The friendness, love, sa crification of sacraments...alll this values are unjustable destroyed. The world is going to finish up. All is making by computers, what determines less duration of people brains, which are more and more often(not always necessary) replaced by computers. Simly, an instalation of car radio without a computer ingeretion is impossible. A manufacturing of cars could be bad when only one key will be clicked in the bad way. Horrible demonic world.

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