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French drama

And...there is a true. A dramatic true of a real world. That least events in Charlie Hebdo are one of its scenes. In the one side, we must fight for freedom of medias, especially journalists, photographers and newspapers. In the other hand, I think, being a journalist requires some better knowledge about history, about specificaction of any culture and religion. In the one side, I feel sorry for families and friends of dead journalists. In the other side, I am completely out of shock. In the middle ages, we, baptists, have invaded Jerusalem in convicion that we are vocated to defend spring of our religion. But muslims are also in strictly that same convicion about exactly that same region. And please see at the Charlie Hebdo caricature from postion of offended. Let's see at this how was our reacion of abusive attacks on our religion in the middle ages. Heretics were burned on the stage. When you were able to abuse Christ, you could be burned or decapitated. Every journalist shoud respect all religious convicion of all the world. If you are a journalist, you are required to know about all civilisation customs, laws, rights and requirements. There are a border of an irony, pasquinade and laugh. I think we must know that there are the other religion, who requires also to show them respect. Muslims are specific. Of course, I feel sorry for families of friends of dead journalists, but I definitely think they are in part in guilt of this tragedy. During writting about somebody or something, you should know all about this.

Alarming pretending of a real life

I am under a very curious impression. It is like all we started to pretend something. We pretend being a good parents. We pretend to be tolerant. The world pretend that there is all good when there is something unhumanitarian going to start. People pretend to be faithful, in fact they are out of the faith rules, showing completely lack of respect to parents, to the married partner. We pretend that there is all good in our family, even though we could have got son involved in drug addictions or daughter, who was kidnapped in order to abuse her in some illegal way, like prostitution gangs or similar. We pretend it is OK when our daughter should get marry as fast as it is possible only because she is pregnant. We are able to cancel all our life, even though we could be 40 year married. We are able to trait, show a jealousness/ We are able to be "cool cats". I know a girl who had taken photo herlself in dark glasses and nearby one of the most expensive world cars, Maserati GT and the other. In fact, she is a nurse in hospital, without driving license and all family uses 7-seated van from C-level. Russians pretend to send humanitarian convoy. In fact, it is a well thought coverage in order to execute a real, horrible purpose....conquest the Ukraine with armoured military services, which was hidden in this trucks. We tend to pretend normal family, even the son was imprisonment or suspected to commit the worst crimes. My friend's husband pretended to be a honest father. The baby was in heavy condition and he, besides of supporting of his wife, started to trait her and it spread out he has got the other children with the other woman. He started to refuse to be a father of this nearly dying and finally happily survived child. He was making it in the mental and civil way. Fortunately, the family have made genetic tests and he must not refuse to pay ailiments after divorce. My cousine's daughter, was telling me that all those traditional folk and classic musicians and music pieces are simply a tat. Not the piece of a great civilisation and culture, but simply a usual tat. We pretends to be faithful, but we trait, use a violence, don't respect the other rights. Politicians think about their own business, not the social interest. This is a very curious world, like it was sung by one of the most famous polish singer, Czeslaw Niemen.

Fatal mistake

There is obviously known in all over the world about the least passenger plane disaster in the Ukraine. I think it is a horrible thing that an army which is set to defend civilians becomes their killers. I think there is a great wave of a mistakes in invasion of Russia against Ukraine, which is in undoubtful law to be an independent and safe country. I am under a deep sadness when there is a group of militants which are not able to check if it is a passenger or military plane. I am not in able to justify this mistake because of similar vertical and line speed of heavy transportation unit and passenger carrying plane. I am in able to say that there is a big necessity of make a point of taking care for safety. I think we must educate a future soldier to see a differences between passenger aircraft and military unit. is a great crime to shoot without ensuring what in fact is a target. And let's think about one the most important thing. Everybody of this shooting people has got family and I would like to know how would they react if there would be a plane with their families on the board downed and crushed by stupid soldiers, only because he made mistake. And...the commander under an influence of an alcohol is a felony, like it was in the case of a commander of this radiolocation station, which pointed this feral plane.

Historic pilgrimate

During recent days, we are witnesses of one of those events, which could undoubtfully named like "historical". How to name the pilgrimate of the Pope to the Saint Land? I think there is also necessarry to say: The most spiritual pilgrimate of this man in his pontificate. I think it is necessarry for everybody to know about springs of his civilisation. He says to let the Saint Spirit to act on us. It is very nice, very symbolic and very significant when we, as Christians go to our springs, toutch all those places which are directly connected to all those events, which were a born of our civilisation. I think it is a sign for us, for me and, as I said, as I suppose, of remembering us that everybody has got his spring, his genesis and his history. His personal and worldwide history, which is strightly connected to religion, to some great events of the world. While the Head of a Church toutches this sacrifieced places, which was toutched by all heroes of The Bible, I am on duty of think about this what I have to do if I want to make my soul, my faith, my spirit and my love more perfect, nearer to those factors, which are hypotheticly unaccessable, but in fact, they are nearer us than it seems to be at first sight. Because of the Heaven is nearer than it seems to be at first sight! We must make all to create our well road to the Heaven, supported on some hard ethic, and religious rules, which are supported on tradition, culture and sense of closing to the other man. The spring of a faith is included in our need and permanent desire of living withe the God, our Father, our Providention and our Redeemer. When we believe, we are not lonely. We are in sence of a faith. We feel that we live.

Historic canonisation is done

We were a whitness of a really historic event. Simply a pair of Popes of the 20th and first years of 21th Century became Saints. What doeas mean to be "Saint"? I think not only to be entered with personal datas in Vatican cronics. It is something a bit more. I think there is also generally a very curious, interesting feeling to live in times of life of one of the greatest people in the history of all the world. John Paul the 2nd taught us how to be a Saint and he has become a Saint. So...let's think? How to be a Saint? This is easier than it seems to be in real! It is enough to be good person, helpful and hopeful. It is needed, it is even required to give the other a hope, a real love and to be a person of a real great faith. How to do it in that some way as it was done by this new Saints...John Paul the 2nd and John the 23th are one of the best example of cheerful people, who are in that some time very well life experienced, which is not necessarry a nice experience(war f. e.) and despite of this fact they are able to be cheerful, smiling, full of power of life and power of love iside. Let's think about John Paul the 2nd. He lost mum in a really very early childhood(9 years old boy). His father has died when Karol was 21 years old man. Would you mind?? 21 years old young man, starting life and see a father dying on your hands! And there is a start of his vocation. How to be Saint in this horrible times? It is simple. It is enough when you as a doctor or a nurse smile and give somebody a warm reception. It is enough when you as a policemen besides of fury beating with a bar, starts to talk to the criminal, especially that who hurt the close relatives or the other person, with a normal humanitarian way. To find a piece of a humanity in every person, even the worst murderer, as it was during a meeting of Karol Wojtyła with Ali Agca. It is a man who shot to him and the Pope...forgave him! Simply forgave him despite of fact that this man nearly killed him. And nearly to a death he wanted to be active and even after a least operation he was sad because they made a tracheotomy in order to rescue his life. Now we know that it did not rescue life and they made sad the Pope that he is not able to speak. It was horrible for a person who is a sheepheard of the World. How to be saint in that horrible todays world?

Winter Olympic Games

So, we have got next olympic year and in this year there will be a competition in one of the most famous Russian tourist center, Sochi. Olympic games are always an occassion to show some kind of unity, ability of living over any kind of partitions. When I look at the Games, I am thinking about some kind of satisfaction, pride and heavy work needed to be done in the time of a years of prepairing. What's the next...somebody could say...popularity, a wave of triumph. Paradoxally, he/she could be OK. But there is something which is deeply hidden among those medals, anthems and victories. This is responsibility, ability of acting under a pression of media, a pression of own nation, who sometimes want to have got more and more and it often ends up with a sympthoms of exhausting both mental and phisical. Many people was wrong willing to Russia, thinking this state is so poor that they are not able to finish all investitions event at the deadline. However, the least jorunalist materials show something completely the other, they seem to be completely ready to fight and play. Only one serious worth is if they could be able to ensure security of all those guests, including tourists, fans, heads of states and a mambers of an olympic associations. i think yes...they could be, but they have got to be very disciplined and organized. The other way will be fixed for the disabled fighters. They will start in the later time, but that one achievemtns seem to be more valuable because of they will be fighting not only against a real opponents but against their own weaknesses, both phisic and mental. It is not so easy as it seemed to be at first sight, but if you can. I wish all sport fighters, trainers, and referees, and also fans they have got great while of proud.

Saint John Paul the 2nd

We are facing up with a next great event connected to great pontifficate of John Paull the 2nd. After he was beatificated in the 1 May, it was sure that there could be start and being continued to process canonisation, an access to the group of Saints of a Church. It is great event for me as a catholic and the other people who met him and talked to him. I would like to remember some his custom, that...there is a Pope who is able to meet with young, cheating, once being serious. I would like to tell you that my mum was in group invented in his 50 birthday with people of science. She was in this while a student of a statitstics in The Academy of the Economics in Cracow. For me...holy damn...what can mean cannonisation of this man??? This word "Saint" i sounds like about somebody who lived in deep past, but we are witnesses of his acts, listeners to his words. And...I think it is amazing. Amazing! Especially for persons who had got undoubtful happiness of meeting "eyes to eyes" with this man. nice does it sound? "A meeting with The Saint". Not mutual...not in prayer, but live! Talking to him, asking him, maybe warking, eating a meal with....The Saint! Somebody can say it sounds a bit "nosy", but...I think it is great thing! I think it is a reason to be prouf of this. What is more...I think...we must not waist it. is better than an adoration of the relic....We are facing up stright with a halidom! And...I want to remember some facts of His life. He was born in Wadowice in 1920. He very quickly was shocked by life due to mother's death. Next he studied a filology and during this studies he lost his father. His family was always very religious. He had got also a brother and sister. His sister had died before he was born. His brother...Edmund was a doctor in hospital in Bielsko...what also affects his health, because of he died due to a scarlet fever. He moved with his father to Cracow and...he lost him very early, while he was only 21. He felt sad and shocked himself....sincerely...who isn't shocked in that while? Nobody I think. So he was such an affected man, that he despite of restriction decided to access secret seminary in Cracow, lead by Sapieha. Next...he was working as a vicar in Niegowic, Cracow and...I he quickly started work as a doctor of a teology in Lublin and Cracow....When he was 37m he was sacrificed to be a bishop. Firstly, he was a suffragan, as all bishops, I think.....Next....An Archbishop Baziak died and....he was set to be an archbishop of Cracow. Finally, he was created to be the Cardinal...and the rest we know...he was elected to be The Pope on 16.10.1978. His original name is Carl Joseph Wojtyla. He was attacked by terrorist Ali Agca at 13.05.1981, He started to have got very serious health trouble, including Parkinson, tumour of Esica, broken hip, and...finally in February of 2005 he passed pneumonia and bronchitis, which found finish in tracheotomy and death in date of 2.4.2005 time 21:37.

World Youth Days in Poland

So, there is a news that there will be The World Youth Day organized in my country. There will be second time when Poland is organizing that great festival of the faith, music, fun and prayer. Cracow...a city which I can personally name as real multicultural, international city. It is famed by our Polish Pope, John Paul the 2nd. But in that region of the Europe is firstly known as one of those cities, which suffered in a real little degree during least war. There is also known because of the biggest number of historic monument. There is one of a real few cities where no car will have got a permission to access the center of city. It is a connection of a real great history, a former capital of Poland of the most important industry centre with metal manufacturing, great academic centres and one of the oldest European universities, remebering even the middle ages times. There is also one of the biggest number of churches, synagogues and historic places. In the cathedral church situated on the Wawel Hill, we have got burned nearly all Polish kings, queens and the greatest national heroes. However, there is the other thing, which makes this city more known in the world. I think abiout stright connection with Karol Wojtyla, the Pope from Poland, once at this time. In the 2016 there could be one of the most important festival. There is announced by Francis the Pope that there could be a meeting of young people.....Personally...I feel very big injection of happiness, blessing and strengh which wll be spreading out of this event. The place of this meeting, are many place connected to this places. One of the most famous is the John Paul Centre and Santuary of God's Mercy in Lagiewniki. The least that festival in Poland was in Czestochowa in the Jasna Gora Shrine in 1991 when there was a meeting with John Paul the 2nd. That meeting in Cracow will be the next and one of the most interesting of them because of there could be a thankgiving for canonisation of Blessed John Paul the 2nd. I also hope that there could be a kind of a new advertisment for Poland and Cracow. I see a great possibility to show out our regional culture and the chance for us to recognize the other cultures. 

Death of the Iron Madame

I have just read about a death of one of the most important and the strongest women as we have got happiness to know from the history. Margaret Thatcher for me was a kind of those country leaders I can name as great. She started  his great rice to a political fame in a real difficult situation. There was after famous PM Winston Churchill, who was so big leader being able to achieve a great victory over nazism and Hitler. I think many of todays leaders can learn how to be a great power leader of a nation and state in difficult times. There was really dangerous times and the world needed to be united by a state lead by that woman. I am waiting on next so great leader as she was.


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Habemus Papam!

So, we are after nex treat exent. Cardinals has elected a new Pope. It seems to be historic event, due to election of not a usual priest, but a monk to be the Pope. So...let me think....what could mean a monk in the Vatican???.....I think it could be a kind of a revolution. Personally, I think it will be a good revolution because....that environments are specific. Monks live in completely other conditions than normal, diocesial priests. Just after election he started tp shock us in some way, peasling us for more prayer, meditation and silenting. I think also there is a hope for us, when I see that he is from the congregation of Jeuits Convent(SJ-Societat di Jesus). Alo interesting fact is in his papal name. Jorge Bergoglio has chose name Francis. Truly it is an adoration directed into one of the greatest saints of the history, St. Francis from Asisi.


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Historic abdication

I am under the impression we are living in the total curious times. War, a nuclear weapon, the Berlin Wall, blessed John Paul the Pope, a super jet, which was a bomb of fails. And...a man who was elected by cardinals to be the Pope and...due to health reason, as he says, he resigns. It is difficult for me to make a mark to him in one way. Of course, I thank him for many nice words, many spiritual help and I should be sad due to this, but...I am happy due to his honour. He says He is not able to lead it due to bad health condition. I know what means bad health conditiond and I can imagine how it could be difficult to make such great things as he wanted to do. Only a pity what he will not sign John Paul the 2nd to the list of the Saints of Church. He doesn't want to make a show about his illness and it is also great, I think. But, personally he is one of the greatest church leaders as I had got happiness to know. I agree with the words of the State Secretarian, Mons. Angelo Sodano, that there is like a lightining from the Heavens. Finally, the least abdication of the Pope was in the meaddle ages.  

Paralympic Games finished

So...we are about after the Paralympic Games in London. It is realy a lot needed to be say about this sport festival. It is one of those competitions, which are really able to show, the world is closer than it seems to be at first sight. There is many moods connected to these competitions. It is because of, cuncerely speaking, not enought level of sofial maturity in some fractions. However, there is more politics, pore people, who I can name as an emmbasser of the Paralympic. One of  Polish radical politicians has said recently, that there is not real competition, it is only a fun. I would like to say, that there is not fun. There is always much more to do during a prepairing process than it could be needed to be done in case of  "normal" competitors. Personally, I am glad that my national team won so many medals, which is a better result than that made during Olympic Games(Poland won 14 gold medals!). I see these competitors as better fighters, playing with better sense of a "Fair Play" rules, than in case of Olympic Games. It is also greater mobilisation during normal process of therapy. They are people, who are able to really combate with their weaknesses. I think they did it in a wonderful job. I have seen also some professional interview with them made by the best journalists of all the world. I see thay are a kind of brave, well disciplinated and nice people. Only one thing is making me fury. There are many stations on TV, specialized in sport transmisions and sport programs. However, I rarely can see better transmisions made by them. It is horrible that medial world is not enough interested in this. I wish they would interest more. I am not able to justify it, saying about a costs of transmissions. A media are for people not the other.

After Olympic Games and before Paralymic Games

I wanna to write something about finished Olympic Games in London. Firstly, I think it is general triumph of a piece under a terrorism, which seruiously is set in the history of this city. Fortunately, nothing has happened in London during Games. I have got many diferent feels about that Games. Of course, I am thinking why my countrysiders whad won so little medals. I think it is a serie of many mistakes, beginning on those made by trainers finishing on those responsible for sport financing in our state. I am under a great impression of festivality of ceremonies of the opening and closing. But this events showed great domination of 2 the most power sport teams of the world. I am under a heavy shock when I was watching Chinese records and US results. And...that great race of was something great! I sm sble to see some serious and disturbing mistakes of referees. I think weaker resulsts of our state fighters are also a result of badly done school system reform. I think about degradation of value of the phisical culture lessons and a reduction of time of them. I think many persons leaves their kids from these lessons, showing total unresponsibility. I think...What is else to be done???? I think also a general military service for all able  and fit man should be held in all NATO states. It is not because of security reasons, but just for a fitness and disciplinate of young people. I think also computers, especially computer gaming made all those bad job, because youngsters are able to sit with them for hours, besides of running on the stadiums of youth clubs. Finally, I think about aothorities, which send money f. e. for a new car for the security besides of sending those cash for a sport resosrts and sport equipment, sport doctors and sport centres, engaging the best of trainers, disposing of the best equipment and finally, leaving out the best fighters. That about Olympic Games. We are facing up with the next sport festival, the Paralympic Games. There is one very nice aspect of this event. All of those people taking part in this competitiion as a fighters, are disabled. I think all it shows a power of an integration, a power and sense of being a human. I think that trophies, which will be won by paralympic are that some priced and maybe more, than those won by dompetitor during a normal games.. I think this festival is a great thing also because of one thing. Every disabled person must be able to fight agains his/her own weaknesses, mental locks and mus be able to think "What's the hell, I can also make that succes". It is also nice because of an interpersonal motivation directed onto better know ownself and braver facing up with pain, difficulties of therapeutic processes, fails and successes. Very important thing is to have some kind of an interpersonal satisfaction: "What's the hell! I have won this medal. I am able to do a real great things despite of fact I am disabled person!. I am finally 100% value person, competitor and I can show the other how to combate their weaknesses!".

Great tournament is closed

There was a finish up of the UEFA Football Championships organised in cooperation by Poland and Ukraine. It was one of the most beautiful events for both of this states. What is more important, there is one of those historic event, which are not a kind of tragedy or drama but there is a good triumph of civilisation, culture and society of those states. I think there was no man who tried to suppose and dream about that enormous kind of tournament as it has taken place recently. I think both Poland and Ukraine despite of being states from former comunistic aliance, are able to be so huge economincal empire that they are able to build stadiums, hotels, motels, all infrastructure, indluding roads, railroads and airports in order to make possibility to organise such a great competition. I think every that kind of sport competition are able to bring up a level of prestige of every state, independly on its size or overal economical status. Of course, it requires many more and more hard job not only in football team of host, but mostly in great teams of people engaged in job directed to build stadiums, airports, roads, places for rest restricted for fans, journalists, reporters and athlethes. When I see on this event from an athletic point of view, it is not important for me, that my national team was defeated. It is like during most of that sport tournament. Just access is very important. That "satisfaction", sense of glad and pride of team, not only win, Sheet! To win is the least important thing! Of course, it is great prestige, but taking part in this is one of the biggest reason to be proud. There is such a great sport event, that I know very funny stories. Simply one of polish local priests, from the parish nearby Oświęcim, has made a decision to celebrate Holy Mass and adoration of the Holiest Sacrament one hour earlier than it used to be in this parish despite of fact there was a time of octave of a festival called "Corpus Domini", when there are procession to 4 altars and next there are procession around churches with singing of Eucharistic anthems or litanies. I think we as the nation showed our power, despite of weakness of our teams. I am only extremly fury on footbal fans who screamed before, during and after one of the matches abusive words addressed to female fans of one of the opposite teams. A naming of women from Russia screaming "Russian whore!" is one of the most abusive event which has taken place during passed tournament. If I were not a Polish man I would like to appeal that football union punish Polish Football Union with huge fine. I don't say Russian are innocent. I want to say only "Doing revenge we are prepairing a head shot for ourselves". I am under the greatest impression after yesterday final. I don't think mathes without extra time and penalty series are wrong in that tournament. Yes! They are wonderful, but I think also final fight without series of goals, effective shots are under level. That kind of match must be a battle of titans. I can comment yesterday match with words: "Spanish bull knocked down italian horse". My mood: somewhat tired

I feel confused myself

I am totally dissapointed in our society. I think the elder generation is one of the most important thing as we cans ee in the world. The youngsters, I can see, are more and more bad-behaved. They do not admire an elder. They have not respect for parents, grandparents and generally elder people. I think it is because of spending less time with them due to burst up of the capitalism ,which means you are in home only a few hours a weak with your closed relatives. That deficite of co-living with a family causes next bad thinks. A family is to not let the other to feel alone, live alnoe. I thonk feeling lonely spread out also of the faith crisis. The world generally had forgot what is in fact the most important thing in live. Of course, money...they are important, but not the most. The most important is to not lose our own sense of responsibility for an overall civilisation. The youngsters are to ligly upprised. There are an examples of non rules house. Parents have not time for the youth what effents with losing control on that what is happening with them. Sometimes, there is bad happening. It is painful, but a truth, that in many case we get awake just after the police officer came in our house and said us about our child opportunity to start being a criminal. We are not able to succeed our child any good value, as patriotism, faithfulness, ethic normes. It is because of a little part of time which we can devote them, as we come back to the home after heavy day in a job, from 8 am to 5-6 pm often. I see it a very painful when this generation do not sacrify themselves. I wish there were so brave teenagers asn f. e. Rutka from Poland,. a 14-years old girl who has been killed by German during Warsaw Upprising in 1944. I wish they were so brave, so heroic. But, what is sad, I know there is no so brave girls, so brave boys, who could be able to pull up with a play, school and friends to fight against an enemy in this time. There is one consolation, that we have got some like the World Youth Day, when there is a congregation of the faithful youngsters with the Pope in order to think, pray and meditate on their own live. It is hopeful. Another thing is that there is a completely bad communication between parents and their chldren. This case causes so bad things as drugs addiction, unwanted pregnancies, to early sex, sometimes causes by a rapist, which always involves on the mental side of every young girl, making her dissapointed of all this cruel life. I think about health trouble. All those computer sitting youth people will have got trouble with spine, heart, eyes. The consolation is a dentists have got less painful technology. Youngster forget about history, tradition. They clearly get into laugh when somebody is trying them to remember about history and some part of deeply rooted tradition. I am very sad because of this. No religion...simply...very sad future. Only fury, a violence, and cruel! That same is about footbal fans. I feel fury about those people, who are going to the footbal in order to not support their teams, but to provocate battles on the tribunes. It is furring that we can not have got safe days, when there is a match in my city. One I saw a huge unit of police in my city, which were trying to calm down footbal hooligans. It is frightening that in my state there is a couple of teams, which fans are seen in BBC in one, specific programm, describing a list of the most cruel worldwide gangs. I nearly crashed TV when I had seen gangs of fans of...Wisła Kraków and Cracovia Kraków(top placed teams in Poland) I also saw counter terrorists and riot police. That least I have seen in action in the Palm Sunday 5 years ago, The counter terrorists were seen by me, keeping guard in our railway station recently when there was a match between Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała and Śląsk Wrocław. I felt myself totally broken down. If a group of footbal fans must be guarded by S.W.A.T, what about real gangsters and bandids with machine guns, grenades and sophisticated method of blackmail, thrilling? An army????Please try to answer this question.

Something about history, reflection about civilisation

I think we must know better our history. We must know something about our civilisation. I am undeer a great bad impression as the world is able to forget some important thinks, things and events, which spread out of the history. I think politics is making dirtier and dirtier, despite of fact of necessity of making conclusions from the historic mistakes, historic tragedies. It is nice we have got such organisation, which are held to keep pace in the world. We must do all to feel ourselves safe, sure and strong in the future. We have got a plenty of dangers, including spiritual dangers and verbal dangers. For sure, one of this dangers is a terrorism, religious separation, economic differences. It seems technology causes great progress of the civilisation. It is true, but, what is worring, this same technology, who helps us to learn, solve the most important troubles of the world, as spreading out of ilness, is able to make some troubles. It is fact, that the most modern cars, computers, and the other devices, are also more refusable, than these from the 10 years before today times. It is because of financial crisis, which forces us to use cheaper and less durable materials to manufacture this items. Another danger spread also out of the civilisation. This technical events are often use by destructors. terrorists, and the other criminals. Of course, it is very comfortable, especially for the disabled, to have an access to the bank account, but we have not sure if there will be no hacks into this in order to steal our money in the electronic way. Also a vision of the war has changed definitely. In the history, it was in the most a battle of armies, counted in 1000000 people, who were able to kill only one enemy in the one secound. It was also rarely accidents that there was innocent civilians' suffering. In the modern war, there is bigger possibility of the death of innocent civilians, that fully armoured, well trained troops, who are often hidden in a heavy armed tank, armoured ships, especially nuclear underwater boats. The kind of nuclear war is one of these the wors weapons. I think the world experienced badly all the war, especially II World War, when there were a concentration camps, a partition of the word on the capitalistic and socialistic world, finally an exhodus of Hiroshima, Nagassaki via nuclear weapon. It as also a show of mistollerance. I am also frigtened when I see Teutonics, who were so brave that they were able to kill in the name of the God. It is a kind of auto counterthinking. When I believe in the God, I respect a decalogue. One of parts of this says to not kill. Only the God can give and back our life, no people. Parents have got less time for children. Of course, they must earn money, because of highing of prices of complementary goods, but sometimes it provides to the crisis in familiar connections, what is able to provide youngsters into the bad way of criminal live, breaking up the school, throughing out the complementary values. It is a time of losing of authority. A new generation stops hear to the church, and any kind of religious. Next, they do not find a consolation. It is providing them to the depression, which is powered by "race of the rats", which tells them to be better and better, not seeing of the health, family, faith, and the other valueable things. I think every generation is going to be worse and worse situated. Only one consolation is the medical technology is horrible developed. There is a treatment less painful, but...sometimes it is more expensive. The youth did not respect the history. They are not able to admire any authorities, althought they try to keep their homelands in the state of the independence. They do not know what is a really important in live. I have got a friend, who shows herself nearby the most expensive cars in the Monaco, but in fact, she is a nurse in the hospital, which seems to be ashaming her, unfortunately. She is a nurse because of her sister disability(I think it is a real vocation), but she do not see any value of this in public. Besides of showing a photo in the front of her hospital(oncology), she shows herself nearby Maserati Gran Turismo, exposed nearby the most expensive hotel in Gran Monaco. I think now is a complete devaluation of the family, history, a religion and the God. What is painful, talking about this interests is more and more ofensive, besides of being a part of normal, everyday discussion between the closest friend. The friendness, love, sa crification of sacraments...alll this values are unjustable destroyed. The world is going to finish up. All is making by computers, what determines less duration of people brains, which are more and more often(not always necessary) replaced by computers. Simly, an instalation of car radio without a computer ingeretion is impossible. A manufacturing of cars could be bad when only one key will be clicked in the bad way. Horrible demonic world.

New experiences

I think every year must bring new experiences. I wait for this year as an olympic year. The host of it will be a London. It is one of these cities, which are happy to be a capital of modern monarchy. It is one of the greatest event in this year. Only one was frighhtening. That attack in 2005, when the Underground was attacked and plenty of people was died was a kind of protest or a kind of trying of attack directed into authorities in order to resign out of this festival. Nobody can blackmail any people, when they want to do something for a unification and for a way to the piece. That kind is an olympic movement. Maybe, we must force ourselves to pull up with this wars, confiicts, which are able to do more bad than good. I am also strictly observing a new generation of the youth. It is horrible, that we can see a young boys and girls, especially I thing about teenagers, who strightly say that all historic heritage is a primitive. Maybe, they are right. But, sincerely, in the history, in the folklore, we can see all those things which we can name as a spirit of nations, of civilisation. My cousine's daughter, who is now 17, told me that all this heritage and folklore is a shoddy piece of goods. I fell into a fury and I erased all my photo shoot from concert of "Mazowsze", which was in my family state. She was 15 in this time. My mood: somewhat disappointed

Hopeful year

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